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Food & Drinks

Rice is the dominating main food. It is prepared in many ways and is used for both, main dishes and desserts. The protein requirement is mainly made by fish. Pork and poultry meat are the most popular varieties. The dishes are generously seasoned with garlic.

A typical meal consists of boiled rice, fried fish and some vegetables. As dessert there are fruit, which is also often eaten for breakfast.

Due to the quite large influence of the different cultures on the Island Republic, it can also be found a quite big varied cuisine in the country.

Adobo is a chicken stew with garlic, soy sauce and vinegar. Meat often is grilled on skewers and so well served.

Kare-kare, a meat stew with vegetables, is served with peanut sauce. A popular snack is “halo-halo”, a milk drink made of sweetened beans and fruits. The drink is served in different layers and served with crushed ice.

For larger celebrations it`s often seen a stuffed suckling pig, a so-called Lechon, fire-grilled over charcoal.

Filipinos usually eat three larger meals a day. Between the meals, they take light snacks, the so-called Meriendas, to themselves.

At the countryside, it is commonly seen that families gathers all meals, while in cities only at the weekends all take their meals together.

Taking their common food at the weekdays is limited to the breakfast and dinner. When guests stay for a meal, they get the space closest to the head of the family. Guests are always served first, and none of the other attendees started to eat before the guest has not have taken one or two morsels.

As a sign that one is already complete, one should left a little rest on the plate.

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