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Presence of the earthquake

In ancient times the land of Tagal.was a peaceful and thriving country. It ruled by “ Lakan Adya” a righteous king. People loved and honored him. But none of them had ever seen the king. They only knew that he was named “Lakan Adya”. The inhabitants of the country had a lucky life. There they toiled not worry, they harbored no hostility against each other, the evil was strange for them and one called the other his brother.

One day they were attacked by enemies. This disempowered the righteous king “Adya Lakan”, and because they fear instilled in his power, they dragged him to the mountain of San Mateo. In a dark cave they forged him on two large stones. The Tagal wept after their king bitter tears. Since the day on which the stranger had subdued them, they knew no peace and no prosperity more. The conquerors brought with them misfortune, suffering and sorrow. However, the Tagal felt most deeply by their humiliation hurt. They firmly believed that once the day was coming that King “Lakan Adya” will blow up his stone bonds would be exempt. Whenever there was an earthquake, they thanked God for, due they believed that “Lakan Adya” was trying to get out of his cave and let the rocks quake. They firmly believed, that by each earthquake a part of his chain was broken and the king free more and more of his great body from the the rocks

"He only has to free up one foot," they said. They hoped that again they would be free and happy, and shed bitter tears.

This legend is still today among the descendants of the former members of “King Lakan Adya”.

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