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Vacation, Diving, Beach and more...

Diving on the Philippines

One of the last paradise's on earth invites you for diving, relaxing and leisure. A genuine El Dorado for sport divers and beginners. Endless wide beaches, numerous reefs, islands and an intact underwater vegetation to sweeten the vacation with the family or under friends.

While you enjoy the attractions of the depth, in 3 - 40 meters, your family and kids can relax at the houseowned beach or however the tropical warm water of around the 28 degrees on one of the close islands. Much time is offered after each diving course for barbecue, eating, talking and rollicking, before you start for the next dive.

The area of the plant and base, with a length of 511 meters, offers a spacious run and various possibilities of free development. Naval Diving offers beside a house reef in approx. 500 meters distance, many diving places in the nearest surrounding of 3 km, and 4 islands nearby, in 6 - 10 km distance, daily routes in the interior, motortrekking by motorcycle, night hikes and a multiplicity of undertakings over water.

The transfer from the international airport Cebu is organized by our team. You should book your flight with a travel agency of your choice. Gladly Naval Diving will help you by reservation and selection of a favorable connection.

You are accommodated in a pleasant atmosphere with complex ambience. All rooms are equipped with their own bathrooms with hot and cold shower. The neighbouring surrounding field reflects the naturalness and beauty of the population. In only 7 - 10 minutes you reach by motorcycle the next large city centre, Hilongos, with a multiplicity of shops, small fashion shops and purchase possibilities. Here you will find as well one or the other bar and discotheque.

NAVAL - DIVING the pure desire for diving and nature

Vacation, diving, beach and more…

<center><b>Willkommen im NAVAL Beach Resort</b></center><br>
<center>bekannt für Urlaub, Tauchen, Strand und mehr...</center><br>
Tauchen Sie ein in die Vorfreude eines unvergesslichen Urlaubes unter- und überwasser in Hilongos, auf Leyte. Geniessen Sie die schönsten Stunden des Jahres auf den Philippinen

Aussenansicht vorne (Strandseite)

Restaurant, zu erreichen über verschlungene Wege der Aussenanlage

Kurze Rast nach einer langen Fahrt

...unser Kaptain Toni - auf seinem Boot ist immer alles klar

ich bin mir sicher unsere 2 haben die wunderschöne Fächerkoralle längst wahrgenommen

Nacktschnecke auf Lap

..der Tag neigt sich - Sonnenuntergang auf der Basis

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