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The inhabitants of the Philippines are prevailing of malay origin. The majority are Mestizos, i.e. their forbears originate are rooting from European-Asiatic mixed marriages.

The natives of the archipelagoes settle predominantly in the high lands, the Negritude of small structure e.g. around the Sulusea and the Aetas in the area around Mount Pinatubo.

The Igorot and the Ifugao, which are living in the Central Kordillere, in the northern part of Luzon, are well-known for their centuries-old rice terraces in Banaue. The state capital Manila is the largest city on the Philippines.

In addition the following minorities are living on the Philippines:

110,000 Americans and European
 35,000 Indonesian
 31,000 Arabs
 30,000 Indian and Pakistani
 30,000 Japanese and Koreans

Besides these figures, since the 80's, more than 70,000 Christian Indonesian, particularly from Maluku and south Kalimantan, fled due to religious or ethnical conflicts on the Philippines.


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