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A Horrifying Experience

During my college years, at the Visayas State College of Agriculture (ViSCA), now known as Visayas State University (VSU) sometimes in 1991, an unexpected experience happened. I am residing that time at Mulberry Men’s Hall wherein there were sixty occupants. Every early morning, we had some special assignments to do like cleaning, scrubbing, arranging, mopping, and trimming of hedges. This was done daily by the occupants, so everybody had to wake up early in order to finish the earliest possible time in order to be the first to take a bath. Once finished with the special assignment, you have to line up in the bathroom waiting for the first occupant to finish since there were only three showers operating. Once you’re late, you have to wait for a long queue until you will be late in classes. After taking a bath, you have to cook your own food and prepare for your own breakfast. Then, report to classes at 7:00 in the morning for the morning session and comes back during the afternoon session. So, for an occupant to be the first to use the shower, he should wake up early.

During evening, a hall policy demanded that all lights must be off during the curfew hours at 10:00 P.M. and doors must also be closed. I slept early that night, and was able to wake up because of loud clocking of “bakya” wooden sandals that were used in the shower room. Tak! Tatatak! Tak! Tatatak! was the sounds that seemed competing against each other to be the first to arrive in the bathroom. When I heard that somebody was already in the shower room I also immediately went to the shower area. I turned on the shower, the water was so very, very cold but I ignored it because my purpose was to finish first. Until I finished taking a bath I realized that there were no other occupants taking a bath but only me. That time the hair on my skin started to go up and immediately rush outside but before going to our room I looked the clock in the receiving area. I was really shocked because the time was exactly 12:00 o’clock midnight. My heart started to tremble and beats faster and faster and immediately run towards our room, locked the door and turned the light on. When I was inside I started to ponder, what were the sounds I heard rushing to the shower room? I knew that our school including the dormitories was known for its many stories about people from different world because of its large area. My roommates had so many stories about fairies, giants, elves and most especially the most talked in our campus the white lady. All of these for me were fantasy, but that night, I started to believe that unseen people worked while humans were at rest. I am very wet that midnight without the knowing of my roommates. Then, as I stared at the door knob, I observed that it turned and turned slowly. It seems that someone wants to open the door. My heart beating became faster and faster. What doubted me was that I didn’t heard any noise, any steps coming from outside when the knob was slowly turned and the lights were off and the doors were closed. I turned off the light and there was a tiny hole below the door and I bravely tried to see who turned the door knob but I saw nothing.

Until such time until morning I am sleepless. Then I heard the natural sounds of the occupants at 5:30 which means that they were already working on their respective assignments so that they can take a shower early. From that time on, I believed that unseen creatures were really existing in our dormitory. Such time until now, such nightmare will never be gone in my mind even if it happened 17 years ago. What a horrifying experience indeed that opened my mind that not only seen people did work but as well as those also unseen one.

written by: Loloy Betonio
Doos del Norte

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