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Diving Area

Fascinating outer- and inner- reefs are awaiting the diver and inspired snorkler. Crystal-clear water permits by a range of 28 degrees water temperature a vision of up to 40 meters.

Meetings with large fishes, dolfins (at the island and reef area) as well as with water turtles are possible. Swarms of fishes of most different color splendour always accompaning you at the house reef or at the reef edge. It's an experience and adventure to observe the up and down of playing swarm at the reef edge. Within a range up to 10 meters you find swarms of multicolored fish.

The calm and prudent diver enjoys staying between the swarms and amplies rewarded with a feeling of WE - UNDER US. Usually the fishes are not shy. During the blossom of the corals, at the end of January - February, March, whale sharks were sighted sporadic . To dive with a submarine…. simply a dream.

Our exclusive diving places are not sailed by another base. Thus the impressive ideal is only at your exclusively disposal.

Tellerkorallen in 8 Meter Tiefe (Degyo)

Riffkante Himokilan

Unterwassertreiben von Aped (8 Meter)

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