Naval Diving
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Each country has its own attractions, at different seasons the most different activities are standing on the program.

Let impress yourself by the peoples driving during the fiesta time. Oh, you do not know this guy that it straight visiting you? We are friendly and regale it during the fiesta time. Surely you also will be invited by a family and must tell your history about Germany.

Fiesta, crazy driving with traditional dances, school performances and competitions, vocal groups of music, live music in front of your entrance door, each day cock fight and in the evening hours “open air discotheque”.

Highlights without end and beside: Tuba, cola and or other rum does its effect.

Enjoy the life and go through.

Sinolog (Volkstänze) in Doos del Norte (Hindang)

Hähne picken sich in Kamm und Wangen (Hindang)

gut besuchte Arena am Sonntag Nachmittag (Hindang)


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