Naval Diving
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A long time ago as a part of the Philippine history a certain story was related from the old folks.

It was during the Spanish regime that a Spanish ship anchored in the seashore. This ship was named la Naval and their patron saint was Sto. Rosario. The strangers decided to stay for a few days. They came to admire the place as beautiful and peaceful.

There were only few people told the strangers that the place was not yet given a formal name during their stays. They found out that the people were friendly, honest and religious. When the strangers left the place, the people name the place as La Naval in honor of the strangers who were good to them and their first visitors.

After many years due to the growing population, this area was divided. The barangay Sta. Cruz and barangay Magnangoy was created. Being religious people, Sto. Rosario became the Patron Saint.

This is a short story about Naval and being Sto. Rosario as their Patron Saint

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