Naval Diving
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Fiesta celebration in our town would simply never be complete without the observance of the traditional civic as well as religious activities that add glamour to the festive occasion, like for instance the Pontifical Mass. procession, parade, discos, beauty contest and the games or sports among others.

Recently the parish and fiesta executive committee have initiated an interesting and wholesome activity as additional highlight for our fiesta celebration.

This activity is aimed at fostering the spirit of unity and brotherhood among the Hindanganons. It is called the SANGKAAN ground demonstration, an activity which also plays a relevant role in reawakening among the Hindanganons the true essence of celebrating the feast in honor of St. Michael de Archangel. This has been started in the year 2004.

What then is SANGKAAN? The term Sangkaan comes from a Visayan term sangka which literally means fight. The ground demonstration is conceptualized from the story of the battle fought between St. Michael and Lucifer in order to free people from the bondage of temptation and wickedness. Hence, the theme of Sangkaan centers on the triumph of good and righteous over the evil.

Sangkaan is actually the Hindangaons' unique way of expressing their religiosity. It is performed by a large group of colorfully attired dancers with their matching props, rhythmically dancing to the tune of beaten drums or any other native musical instruments. Prior to the dance proper is the usual dramatization of the great fight between the good angel and the bad, which happened when Lucifer tempted Eve to eat the forbidden fruit during the time when the world was just created. The dramatization ends when St. Michael finally defeated Lucifer. At the sound of the drum the dancers make their entrance and begin their performance with versatility and skill. Their dance is depicting figures as ways of expressing their gratitude to the Patron Saint for the protection and breathtaking exhibitions through their dance. Thus the Sangkaan is really worth seeing from beginning to end.

This activity is usually participated by DepEd (Department of Education) which consists of the elementary and the secondary level, the religious groups, the LGU employees and many others as long as they are Hindanganons. Each entity has a different version of the fight and singular in their dramatization that is why the result of the performance is splendid.

Finally, Sangkaan is now considered as one of the heritage and pride of the Hindanganons which is worth passing to the next generation.

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