Naval Diving
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The Beach

The private beach extends over a length of more than 500 meters; finest sand beach. Here you can feel yourself really undisturbed. Kindly note the general bath and swim habits of the Philippines and avoid to be nude or topless at the beach. The beach can be attained unrestrainedly from each building and offers at many places small sand bays between the palms. Surely a cosy little space in the shade can be spotted very fast.

The beach is very flat held and ables a gentle entrance in water. During the ebb-tide time you may walk several 100 meters into the sea without to loose the ground under your feet. A genuine attraction for small children.

By a watertemperature of 31 - 33 degrees one surely can build up a sandcastle by some means or other.

Ballustraden auf der Sturmschutzmauer der Aussenanlage mit vorgelagertem Strand

Spielende Kinder am hauseigenen Strand - hier wird nach kleinen Krebsen gebuddelt

Sonnenuntergang auf der Naval Tauchbasis

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