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A genuine MUST and highlight during your vacation is the folk sport "cock fight". Each Sunday from 11,00 to approx. 17,30 o'clock you should regard to watch a cock fight in the arena near the city of Hindang.

The rules for this folk sport were brought by Magelan and the Spaniards across the sea and are still valid until in these days.

One is drug along by the inspired masses and probably gets involved after some time in one or other bet over a broker.

The bet: Perhaps 100 peso (EURO 1,60). Usually you can pursue approx. 27 fights, during fiesta time more than 50.

Hähne picken sich in Kamm und Wangen (Hindang)

Annahme von Wetten vor dem Kampf

bald schon ist der Kampf entschieden

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