Naval Diving
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You ask yourself: How lives a Philippine family, where it lives and as its life takes place. You should find it out locally. You will state that the majority of the population lives quite modestly.

Only a small gentry can take the liberty of the much quoted luxury. Nevertheless, the people are lucky and content, follow themselves to their regulated work and to care to the household and the children.

We observe and say: There is nothing more beautiful than the smell of fresh soap, which comes against at each corner on the markets like perfume. You meet this smell in each bus, in the church and at other public places. Why? The cleanliness of these people here is still written in capitals. Belonging to extensive baths several times daily likewise, like the solidarity with nature and sea.

Pagoden in Manila

Die Heiligen

Beeindruckende Eleganz und Pracht (Maasin)


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