Naval Diving
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Traditional folk dances. During the Fiesta time traditional folk- and tribal- dances are presented in a framework of dance competitions between schools or grades to the public.

Due to that each locality of a municipality or small city celebrate their own Fiesta at another time you have good chances personally to take part at a Fiesta. The Sinolog is characterised by multicolored grabs and an asiatic Spanish mixed dance.

Interesting to look at are the bamboo cane dances with 4 bamboo bars, which are moved rhythmically crosswise against each other. In one on the soil developing square picture a person with speedy feet dances in this way, to tread only in the center of opened square and recede immediately from this position .

This requires much exercise and a special fate

Sinolog (Volkstänze) in Doos del Norte (Hindang)

Sinolog Tanzwettbewerb in Doos del Norte

Sinolog (traditionelle Volkstänze) in Doos del Norte - Eine Schülergruppe bei der Aufführung ihres Stückes

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