Naval Diving
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Legends from the past helped us to understand how a certain thing happend or how a certain place got its name, just like how Doos got its name.

During the Spanish time, many places in the Philippines were still uninhabited and some places punctuated with Just a number of dwellers and much more places were nameless.

There was once a time, the Spaniards embarked the shore of Doos. There were only two huts built and erected by the coast. Something caught and invited the attention of the Spaniards. They saw the sea teemed with schools offish surfacing the sea waters in group of twos. The sea seemed to boil because of the schools of fish jumping and making splashes in the water. Some were doing synchronized movements. This happen most open in anytime of the day.

Fascinated by what they have seen and watched the Spaniards asked the barrio folks the name of the place and the barrio folk hastily answered DO-OT referring to the school offish group in twos. From that time on, knowing the place was still nameless the Spaniards called the place DO-OS.

Doos spans the area from the cemetery in the South to Bontoc in the North. During that time, people in this area had set a common date to celebrate fiesta. They had their merrymakings and sumptous celebrations. That was then during the time of Mayor Facundo Romano. Do-os was then changed to Doos and was recognized by the old folks through the help of Atty. Pacifico Ybanez, a prominent person in the town.

As years rolled by Doos del Norte known for its unity and cooperation has established a public market "mercado", a complete elementary school, a public health center, a multi-purpose hall, a chapel, a day care center, a basketball court and some business establishments.

Like any other barangay in Hindang, Doos is a resource rich barangay priding itself with the rich natural resources from the sea and the mountains as part of their livelihood.

Doos del Norte is doing fine and can boost its way toward progress in almost all field of endeavor and it will pave its way to the bright tomorrow.

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